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Yesterday at work was such a beautifully busy day. I really like the days where I have a clear cut task that has to be accomplished and a tight deadline to work under. I develop so much focus when those factors are in play. I’m pretty sure that is why I did most of my […]

After a very long couple of weeks working on the Banking Symposium, in which I learned more about banking ratios than I ever thought was possible, the COBA poll is right on the horizon. One might ask what this poll is, and they would be astute and well lauded for doing so. Occasionally in the […]

As a kid, and even as a teenager, I always dreamed of being someone important. My concept of how important someone was tended to be a little skewed, though. My idea basically ranked the more important a person was by the number of meetings they had to go to in a day. Of course, that […]

First off, it’s Friday! A much needed weekend approaches, and I’m ready to be lazy (if only that were the case). I’ve always treated Fridays as a somewhat relaxed day. I try not to schedule meetings for work on Fridays, I try to wear jeans and a t-shirt, and just be relaxed and have a […]