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From the Sky

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The alarm went off this morning, as is it’s usual custom at 7:30. The piercing beep breaks through even the most realistic of dreams and my first response is panic, I am normally up and out of bed, hitting the button to turn it off before three beeps have called out. Every morning, I fall […]


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Most people are familiar with Pandora, and if you aren’t let me just give you a real quick synopsis. Pandora is a website in which you give them the name of an artist, song, or genre that you like, and it picks out other songs based on your preference. You can like or dislike songs […]

If I Could Speak

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In every one’s life we come across times in which we are helpless to communicate the things we really wish we could say. Sometimes this leads simply to a missed smile, or an opportunity to make a friend laugh. At other times, the things we do not say can directly affect the rest of our […]