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Scientists are at it again, searching for ways to read the human mind. The latest study has proven that using MRI technology memories of location are stored in specific patterns so that each location activates a different pattern of brain cells. By reading patterns scientists can recall what location you are currently remembering. This is […]

What Women Want

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A recent study aimed at women in long term relationships with men wanted to answer a simple question: “What physical improvements would you like to see in your man?” The creator of the study wanted to see if there were certain features of a man that would make women happier if those improvements were made. […]

Food is bad

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Recent studies have shown that eating certain foods can be bad for your health. The study started by analyzing the different effects foods can have on the body. Immediately discovered was the fact that eating rocks, while high in minerals, is bad for the teeth and could cause digestive complications. Similar tests found that glass […]