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Emotional Affair, I

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If you would have asked anyone about the person who lived in apartment 107 they would have responded with something like, “I thought that place was vacant,” or “I saw him once. He’s a weird one.” The truth is someone did live in 107, and he was one of those quiet types. Often he’d listen […]

He sat staring at the empty coffee cup. For how long he had been in that same spot, he was not aware. His awareness was limited to just that cup of coffee, the one that had been full an hour ago? Maybe two? It had been full, once, but seemed like forever ago. Another life, […]


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He glanced at the box disdainfully, his eyes lingering on it as it sat in the corner of the room. The box was nothing new, it had sat in the position it was in for several weeks now. For those weeks it had brought a bevy of emotions from him, ranging from anguish to sympathy. […]

Silent Alarm

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…the door behind him. He leaned against it, feeling the heat from the day beating upon it’s exterior, as the cool wave of air from inside sent a chill over his body. An empty feeling came over him, and he wondered if this would be the first step that led to the end. This was […]

He sat alone at his desk, a place that he seemed to be more and more often, and in a state that seemed to be¬†occurring¬†more frequently than he would have liked. His desk was, in times past, where they would sit together and discuss anything under the sun. For hours they would look out of […]

She let an approving sigh escape between her lips, the only spot of color visible on her body, the red and tempting fruit that begged to be tasted. He kissed her, there in the darkness, and knew that he was whole in this moment.

Through the Steam

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He stood there among hundreds of people milling about the platform, his eyes downcast, and his tongue frozen for what to say. He had always been a person of action, someone who could take control of a situation and fix the wrongs that turn the world upside down. That was with other people’s lives, though. […]

A Smile for Someone

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She didn’t really know why she was at the beach, or how she had gotten to that particular spot, but that also didn’t really matter. It was the fact that she was here that mattered, why it mattered was a mystery, but she felt as if when the time was appropriate she would know.