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…opened his eyes and rolled over to look at the alarm. It had not gone off, but he had awakened for some reason. He fought with himself in the early morning, struggling to figure out what had changed that awoke him from his slumber. It was the silence, the room was deathly quiet, but that […]

Last weekend I had my own little movie marathon. Everyone was gone from the apartment, I didn’t have any plans made, so I decided that the best thing I could do was take advantage of my Netflix account (which has been sorely underused). I won’t go over the entire list of movies I watched, but […]

What I find strange about this is how as we develop in a relationship with someone, we tend to start seeing past their flaws and start focusing on the good things.

What Guys Think


Most people don’t believe that this is the way things really happen, but it honestly is. There is so much demand for a guy to be confident and on top of things in the world today. Most of us start out that way, and then we experience early life, where things like this do actually […]