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So in one of my IS classes many years ago we were discussing the implementation of new systems. You may be asking, what do you mean new system? Well, a new system is typically some new way of doing something that we’ve done in the past, or are going to start doing. For example, when […]

Corporate Bologna

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So I’ve been busting hump over the last few weeks trying to get stuff setup for a new webpage for work. This is my job, I get it, it’s what I should be doing and I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the phone call I get basically saying […]

I have discovered a new little pet peeve, which is awesome, because it proves as I get older I get grumpy, which follows the normal trend! What thing could possibly irritate me, the easiest of easy going? It’s something I noticed on the way to work today. There are several areas I pass through on […]

At some point in the past ten years it became completely acceptable, nay expected, to post everything about your life online. I can’t argue much with this concept since here I am, typing away on a post that will go on a website specifically dedicated to telling everyone my business. At some point this has […]

The thing about Macs is that if you want to actually get any real work done, you shouldn’t use one. Now this isn’t me bashing a Mac because it can’t do anything. It actually has nothing to do with that at all. It’s me bashing a Mac because they have so many updates, to everything, […]