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There is an interesting thing about life: you can’t control it, no matter what you think. There might be some people out there who will tell you that they are in control of their life, that they are the masters of their fate. While I agree with some of the concepts, you just can’t control […]


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Yesterday at work was such a beautifully busy day. I really like the days where I have a clear cut task that has to be accomplished and a tight deadline to work under. I develop so much focus when those factors are in play. I’m pretty sure that is why I did most of my […]

Out Dream

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I am not a huge fan of my brain when it comes to bad dreams. I usually tend to get stuck in a loop of waking up to stop the dream and going back to sleep, where the dream starts over. I usually have to do something so I will break the cycle. So I […]

Spending Daze

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In the spirit of having a new mattress (for those of you who don’t know, my waterbed decided to explode) I decided I really should get new sheets and a comforter to go with the mattress. I decided this a couple of days ago as I was laying in bed and realized the stuff I […]

A Return, of Sorts

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After some time away from the Internet it’s time to come home. I know, the first reaction is that I work on the Internet, so I can’t get away from it, but if you try hard enough you can. I had a bunch of things in my life going on and really couldn’t deal with […]

Truth Misunderstood

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I’ve never been able to grasp the fact that diplomatic disputes are often lost over a single wrong word, or misunderstood phrase. To some degree I consider myself a very open person when it comes to communication. I’ll talk about whatever you like at pretty much any time. Even if it means something bad for […]

Let me paint a scene for you. I want you to open your mind up, envision a room, a large L desk dominates the scene. There are other things, but those are lost in the background, out of range of the fading light cast by the single lamp that sits atop the desk. The radius […]

A Conundrum

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I have been facing a big decision for the last few months. It’s nothing totally major, but will require spending a bit of money. Over the past year or so I’ve been playing Rock Band (I realize how nerdy this sounds) and I’ve gotten pretty good at the drums. I’m not perfect, but I can […]

During my day at work there is usually some point in time where I stop whatever I am doing and, for a brief moment, stare out the window. I’m not really sure why I do this, I think it could be my way of achieving some slow down and letting the world wrap me up […]

The Pool We Drink From

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Work (and personal) life have been crazy over the last week. I won’t get into personal matters, just know I’ve been out of it. Work life has been crazy because all of the shenanigans caused by people messing with our hosting account finally caught up with us. We decided to move all of our websites […]