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Through the Steam

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He stood there among hundreds of people milling about the platform, his eyes downcast, and his tongue frozen for what to say. He had always been a person of action, someone who could take control of a situation and fix the wrongs that turn the world upside down. That was with other people’s lives, though. […]

What Guys Think


Most people don’t believe that this is the way things really happen, but it honestly is. There is so much demand for a guy to be confident and on top of things in the world today. Most of us start out that way, and then we experience early life, where things like this do actually […]

What Women Want

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A recent study aimed at women in long term relationships with men wanted to answer a simple question: “What physical improvements would you like to see in your man?” The creator of the study wanted to see if there were certain features of a man that would make women happier if those improvements were made. […]