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Let me paint a scene for you. I want you to open your mind up, envision a room, a large L desk dominates the scene. There are other things, but those are lost in the background, out of range of the fading light cast by the single lamp that sits atop the desk. The radius […]

The Scary Places

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I am currently reading a Stephen King book in which the main character is involved in a lot of self discovery through memories. Reading this book has me thinking about my own memories, and how they have impacted my life. Being a Stephen King book, there is an element of “scariness” involved in order to […]

Scientists are at it again, searching for ways to read the human mind. The latest study has proven that using MRI technology memories of location are stored in specific patterns so that each location activates a different pattern of brain cells. By reading patterns scientists can recall what location you are currently remembering. This is […]