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March 16th

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In 1802 the US Congress established the West Point Military Academy in New York. It was originally going to be called East Point Military Academy, but the developers were holding the map upside down. To this day the Army hasn’t forgotten the shame and forces new recruits to spend a week memorizing directions and learning […]

In a legislative move Congress has decided to initiate a ban on trucks larger than parking spaces. Results to the bill seem positive, as almost everyone in this country seems to have been slighted in some way to find a truck parked next to their vehicle so large that it is impossible to open the […]

March 13th

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In 1781 Sir William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus. People everywhere are thanking him for this discovery, as the lame planet jokes about Uranus are way more worthwhile than the actual planet. In 1877 Chester Greenwood patented the earmuff. Notice that his patent was for an earmuff, not earmuffs, Chester was slightly confused on human […]

Scientists are at it again, searching for ways to read the human mind. The latest study has proven that using MRI technology memories of location are stored in specific patterns so that each location activates a different pattern of brain cells. By reading patterns scientists can recall what location you are currently remembering. This is […]

March 12th

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In 1789 the U.S. Post Office was established. The first pieces of mail are still set for delivery, it’s believed that they will arrive within the next couple of years, but the recipient will be subject to a heavy fine for the incorrect amount of postage over the last 220 years. In 1857 “Simon Boccanegra” […]

What Women Want

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A recent study aimed at women in long term relationships with men wanted to answer a simple question: “What physical improvements would you like to see in your man?” The creator of the study wanted to see if there were certain features of a man that would make women happier if those improvements were made. […]

March 11th

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In 537 the Goths began their siege on Rome. It’s not going to swell for them, though. They’ve managed to only conquer some parts of the Internet and all vampire fan-fiction related to Twilight. In 1302 the characters Romeo and Juliet were married this day according to William Shakespeare. Isn’t it ironic that in the […]

We all knew the day would come when you could open a Google search window and type in “where are my keys?” and a map of your house would appear with step by step directions of how to get to them. The day is soon approaching, as Google is taking a step toward the omnipresent […]

March 10th

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In 1629 England’s King Charles I dissolved Parliament and did not call it back for 11 years. In America the system is somewhat different, we elect officials to represent us, then they leave for a number of years and we never hear from them again. Unless they want money to be re-elected. Go democracy! In […]