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There is an interesting thing about life: you can’t control it, no matter what you think. There might be some people out there who will tell you that they are in control of their life, that they are the masters of their fate. While I agree with some of the concepts, you just can’t control […]

When I was young I was told that if I had a dream and I spent every bit of myself working toward that dream I would eventually achieve it. It’s funny how as a child you are so enamored with concepts of purity that you think that this could actually be true. I recently watched […]

Out Dream

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I am not a huge fan of my brain when it comes to bad dreams. I usually tend to get stuck in a loop of waking up to stop the dream and going back to sleep, where the dream starts over. I usually have to do something so I will break the cycle. So I […]

A Conundrum

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I have been facing a big decision for the last few months. It’s nothing totally major, but will require spending a bit of money. Over the past year or so I’ve been playing Rock Band (I realize how nerdy this sounds) and I’ve gotten pretty good at the drums. I’m not perfect, but I can […]

If I Could Speak

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In every one’s life we come across times in which we are helpless to communicate the things we really wish we could say. Sometimes this leads simply to a missed smile, or an opportunity to make a friend laugh. At other times, the things we do not say can directly affect the rest of our […]