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Bailout 101…

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So, there are advantages of working in an office full of economists, we tend to understand financial matters a little bit. I’m not claiming that I know, or understand, the economy, because it’s a complicated beast. I do, however, know enough through my research and through my work that some things have to be made […]


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Dreams are something that amaze me, but they can also be so irritating at the same time. I understand where the human drive is to “follow your dreams” because they tend to be the bridge between what our conscious mind doesn’t know and what our unconscious mind does. Our dreams reveal desires that sometimes we […]

Some things…

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There are so many things I wish I could say, but can’t.

One of THOSE days…

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You ever type out an entire blog, then realize the exact meaninglessness of posting it so the world can see, so you delete everything you just typed? Happens a lot to me.

I sometimes wonder if the entire purpose of man is for God to observe a being who is confused 99.9% of their life. At least, it feels that I am confused that much most of the time. Let me put this straight though, I’m not confused in the “my life is over I can’t figure […]


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So, I’m kinda through at work, but still have about an hour before my class starts and with traffic around Statesboro the way it is, I wouldn’t really be able to do anything but drive some place to eat, run through the pickup window, and drive back to my office, so I’ve decided just to […]

I can distinctly remember sitting in several classes, going over the syllabus on the first day, and flipping to that last section in which the dreaded words were imprinted “Research paper 25% of final grade”. And as time, those percentages increased, and every time my stomach sank as I realized I would have to spend […]

So, recently I was thinking about the past and some of the adventures I have had. I call them adventures because calling them anything else might be a little depressing. One of the particular events I can remember was the day I had to return an engagement ring. Surprisingly jewelry companies are quite understanding when […]

So, the title of this blog may be a little misleading, and also sound a little harsh. Our society has taken the word ignorance and used it improperly so often that the true meaning is often lost on some people. Let’s start with a definition. Merriam-Webster’s defines ignorance as: the state or fact of being […]

So, I was a naughty puppy this weekend. As a reward for me being me I bought a new video game. I went only to spend about twenty bucks, but I saw a used copy of Assassin’s Creed. Fifty bucks later I have a spiffy new video game. Jeeze 360 games are expensive…but wowzah! I […]