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When I was young I was told that if I had a dream and I spent every bit of myself working toward that dream I would eventually achieve it. It’s funny how as a child you are so enamored with concepts of purity that you think that this could actually be true. I recently watched […]

Silent Alarm

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…the door behind him. He leaned against it, feeling the heat from the day beating upon it’s exterior, as the cool wave of air from inside sent a chill over his body. An empty feeling came over him, and he wondered if this would be the first step that led to the end. This was […]

Last week I had a nightmare. Nightmares are interesting to me because they are the few times in my life where I actually feel fear in it’s most concentrated form. Granted, there are things in my life that I am afraid of, but mostly that just reveals itself in the form of worry. I tend […]

Last weekend I had my own little movie marathon. Everyone was gone from the apartment, I didn’t have any plans made, so I decided that the best thing I could do was take advantage of my Netflix account (which has been sorely underused). I won’t go over the entire list of movies I watched, but […]

He sat alone at his desk, a place that he seemed to be more and more often, and in a state that seemed to be occurring more frequently than he would have liked. His desk was, in times past, where they would sit together and discuss anything under the sun. For hours they would look out of […]

IT Support

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I am a huge fan of helping out my friends, and family, with their IT issues. However, sometimes it can’t be helped to adopt the attitude seen in the picture below:

At times I’m a very visual person, I tend to like to have things spelled out for me in a fashion in which I can envision the way things work. When I am reading, or remembering what I read, I don’t remember the words, but the scenes and emotional connections that are created by the […]

I have discovered a new little pet peeve, which is awesome, because it proves as I get older I get grumpy, which follows the normal trend! What thing could possibly irritate me, the easiest of easy going? It’s something I noticed on the way to work today. There are several areas I pass through on […]

What I find strange about this is how as we develop in a relationship with someone, we tend to start seeing past their flaws and start focusing on the good things.

Before I get too deep into this, let me warn you that I am writing this post on my Blackberry, so I will blame it for any errors it may have! I am in Savannah today, taking care of some business and generally wasting a day that I should more than likely be at work. […]