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He glanced at the box disdainfully, his eyes lingering on it as it sat in the corner of the room. The box was nothing new, it had sat in the position it was in for several weeks now. For those weeks it had brought a bevy of emotions from him, ranging from anguish to sympathy. […]

Hey you, It seems to have been ages since we last talked. I’m sure that it really hasn’t been, if I were in a more spry mood I would actually count the days, but I am not sure it is something I have the will to do. Odd how that works, arduous days seeming to last forever, […]

Ever Change

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One of the interesting facets of life is the way everything seems to change. I don’t think there is really one thing in my life that I can ever say I rely on as a constant. Nothing is guaranteed in any of our lives. Tomorrow you make wake up and your car won’t start, or you may […]

The Planes

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I’m sitting outside on the balcony to my hotel room in Atlanta. I am staying at the Renaissance Concourse, which is right next to the airport. There is an access road between me and one of the Delta parking lots. I’ve been sitting here for about thirty minutes now, just enjoying the comings and goings of the […]

Chapter One

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So I’ve seriously begun writing, or at least attempting to. I’ve been doing it in my spare time for about two hours a night, though the past few I’ve just been too distracted to really get anything done. It’s strange, the first night words just seemed to slip from my fingers onto the keyboard. The […]

…opened his eyes and rolled over to look at the alarm. It had not gone off, but he had awakened for some reason. He fought with himself in the early morning, struggling to figure out what had changed that awoke him from his slumber. It was the silence, the room was deathly quiet, but that […]

I am finding there is something about me that is very resistant to the truth. I just don’t believe things sometimes and I end up being stubborn about it. It has to be a very annoying trait to those I deal with on a regular basis. I’m not sure why I have developed a staunch […]


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I have a theory about telling someone that you love them. It may not exactly be true, but I think it holds true in most of the cases I have been in. Simply put, telling someone you love them is a bad idea.


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Describe to me your doubts, and I will paint a picture of reassurance. Give me your words and let me show you the way I see the world through your eyes. You will see beauty unimaginable, the kind that strikes your heart so swiftly that a painful aching accompanies the awe that must surely descend. […]

Sleep Fails Me

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It’s 2:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep. Simply put there is just too much going on in my mind. I have this problem all the time, it seems that when I lay down I just can’t go to sleep. The worst part is this is such good inspiration for writing, but I’m so unfocused that […]