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What to Think?

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This week is shaping up to be pretty interesting. I honestly thought it was going to be one of those weeks that was going to drag by and be eventfully uneventful. I think I’m becoming fond of phrases that counteract each other. Anyway, with the COBA poll this week, I’ve basically been chained to my […]

So in one of my IS classes many years ago we were discussing the implementation of new systems. You may be asking, what do you mean new system? Well, a new system is typically some new way of doing something that we’ve done in the past, or are going to start doing. For example, when […]

Take a Half Day

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The first part of today was amazingly productive. When I get in a pretty good rhythm at work I can get a lot done and the time seems to fly by pretty quickly. However, I made the mistake of stopping to eat lunch. Once that happened, I pretty much lost all steam to move forward. […]

You know, sometimes I sit and wonder if I am in the wrong industry. Then I realize that most of my life revolves around computers. And right now most of that life is being annoyed by computers! I currently have a $2,000 paperweight at home. My best efforts have not only not discovered the original […]

The Wall

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There are some days that you just have to stare at the wall all day. I’m not really sure why this is a thing that has to happen, but it feels like it could be good for the soul. Now I know what you are thinking, that it helps because you can stare at the […]

So You Think You Know?

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As I sit and eat my turkey salad¬†sandwich¬†for lunch I have had a realization. First, I just spelled sandwich incorrectly and that makes me a little sad, you won’t see it, because I am intelligent enough to proofread my work before I submit it. Secondly, and my actual point, is that as people we tend […]

He sat staring at the empty coffee cup. For how long he had been in that same spot, he was not aware. His awareness was limited to just that cup of coffee, the one that had been full an hour ago? Maybe two? It had been full, once, but seemed like forever ago. Another life, […]

Oh, Hai

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As my girlfriend is keen on saying, Oh, Hai internet. I forgot about you for a while. Well, not really the internet, more my presence on the internet. I’m only dropping by for a brief visit. In fact, it is actually for work, since I needed to know how something on WordPress worked for a […]

Corporate Bologna

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So I’ve been busting hump over the last few weeks trying to get stuff setup for a new webpage for work. This is my job, I get it, it’s what I should be doing and I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the phone call I get basically saying […]

Oh, a Blog?

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Life has been so insanely busy that I’ve pretty much forgotten about writing lately. Ok, so not true, I’ve done plenty of writing, but it is mostly for school. I forget how drained classes can really make you. It’s all that extra busy work that has to get done, such a pain. I don’t have […]