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Love, tomorrow

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My freshman year of high school I met who I considered to be my best friend for the four years following. In an effort to remain anonymous I’ll just call her E. E and I started off in the same confused way most high school students do. We were both struggling to find our niche […]

Morning Dreams

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In the early morning, after a long day, when you are right on the verge of being tired you can learn so much about yourself. I sometimes tend to turn off the music, sit in the dark and let my thoughts wander. It is strange to say that you can not know things about yourself, […]

Last night was one of those “strange dream” nights. I was having very, very vivid dreams and it was pretty annoying. Normally vivid dreams are a great thing, I like being so immersed in my dreams that I don’t realize they aren’t reality. I view it as sort of entertainment while I sleep. It’s like […]

Glad List

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The first sip of a good cup of coffee. Sitting in the park, listening to the trees. Post it notes. 3 am phone calls. Putting together new furniture. A loving cat. Listening to thunderstorms. Finding music I’ve never heard on my iPod. Contented sighs. That first second of laying down in bed. Freshly ironed shirts. […]


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I wear dress shirts most every day, even with jeans. I capitalize things when I type, even if no one will ever see it. I recently broke the habit of typing Yah instead of Yeah. I think silver stuff looks better than gold stuff. I eat breakfast foods as desert. (Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Poptarts: […]