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I have discovered a new little pet peeve, which is awesome, because it proves as I get older I get grumpy, which follows the normal trend! What thing could possibly irritate me, the easiest of easy going? It’s something I noticed on the way to work today. There are several areas I pass through on […]

What I find strange about this is how as we develop in a relationship with someone, we tend to start seeing past their flaws and start focusing on the good things.

Before I get too deep into this, let me warn you that I am writing this post on my Blackberry, so I will blame it for any errors it may have! I am in Savannah today, taking care of some business and generally wasting a day that I should more than likely be at work. […]

Beef Stew

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Dear Campbell’s Co., As someone who enjoys soup, in it’s many different varieties, and being a fan of your microwaveable containers, I have come to a conclusion regarding your beef stew. Firstly, I eat your soup because, as stated earlier, I can microwave it at work and I don’t have to pay $8 at a local […]

Nerd Humor

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For the next few months the campus will be subdued, it will be resting for the fall, in which it will spring back to life again in full force. The great thing about working in a place like this is you can look at each semester as a new beginning, a chance to start over again and look forward to something new.

At some point in the past ten years it became completely acceptable, nay expected, to post everything about your life online. I can’t argue much with this concept since here I am, typing away on a post that will go on a website specifically dedicated to telling everyone my business. At some point this has […]

The silence could be broken by a softly spoken word. It cannot be too loud, as the silence is something that must be broken gently, with the reverence due a virgin on her wedding night.

The thing about Macs is that if you want to actually get any real work done, you shouldn’t use one. Now this isn’t me bashing a Mac because it can’t do anything. It actually has nothing to do with that at all. It’s me bashing a Mac because they have so many updates, to everything, […]


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Yesterday at work was such a beautifully busy day. I really like the days where I have a clear cut task that has to be accomplished and a tight deadline to work under. I develop so much focus when those factors are in play. I’m pretty sure that is why I did most of my […]