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There is an interesting thing about life: you can’t control it, no matter what you think. There might be some people out there who will tell you that they are in control of their life, that they are the masters of their fate. While I agree with some of the concepts, you just can’t control […]

There are some days that you feel like you’ve got the world wrapped around your finger. You wake up in the morning and things just feel right, like you can shoot for that personal best you had a few weeks ago. Those are good days, but that isn’t today. Because for every one of those […]

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and realized that, though your life may not be exactly as you wish, you aren’t really doing all that bad? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life currently, which I guess usually happens when you’re in transition and changes are coming. I keep thinking […]

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, last night was a dark and stormy night. Tonight it really isn’t that bad. The rain brought in a cold front and took the edge off the heat that had been driving the locals crazy. You know the type, sheltered rich kids attending the most ivy of […]

State of the Union

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Okay, maybe “State of the Union” is a bad title since I am single. I am, however, out of fresh and clever titles, so you are just going to have to live with this one. Being creative is a pretty hefty responsibility, people, and I’m not getting any support on it. I don’t even get […]

No Story So True

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For anyone who has ever tried their own technical support on a computer, this is for you:

Happy Birthday


You know who you are. Happy Birthday.

I’m currently working on a programming problem at work. This problem has my brain tied in knots, and it makes me realize that to be a good programmer you need to be able to think in a very specific manner, especially if the program you are writing deals with databases in any way. I know […]

Emotional Affair, I

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If you would have asked anyone about the person who lived in apartment 107 they would have responded with something like, “I thought that place was vacant,” or “I saw him once. He’s a weird one.” The truth is someone did live in 107, and he was one of those quiet types. Often he’d listen […]

Yeah, I’m Dumb

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Wow…almost made it to twelve hours till. So, to catch up: