You know, sometimes I sit and wonder if I am in the wrong industry. Then I realize that most of my life revolves around computers. And right now most of that life is being annoyed by computers! I currently have a $2,000 paperweight at home. My best efforts have not only not discovered the original problem, but now my processor is running massively hot. Beyond hot. So now I have to wait on some thermal grease to come in the mail so I can fix that problem (hopefully). It’s very depressing when something doesn’t work, especially when I can’t figure out the problem. I’m soon going to have to resort to randomly replacing parts until the problem is fixed. That tends to be an expensive process, however.

To top it off, my computer at work is slowly dying the death of a machine that has several thousand hours of running time logged. A new one has been ordered, but nothing can ever happen fast, so the thing won’t get here for another week or so, and then after that who knows how long it will have to float around our IT system, having random things installed on it, or removed, or poked and prodded until I get my hands on it. Right now, though, it takes me about ten minutes to open up my IDE for coding, which is fun. And if I need to reboot? I go to Starbucks. Seriously, it takes that long.

Had a really awkward moment at Wal-Mart where I checked out someone I knew. Not sure if I’ll ever get over that one. I won’t even get into how weird that would be. I’ve been in a “want to do something” mood for a while. Which means I’ve been taking lots of walks and really not doing anything. Because there really isn’t anything to do. Besides watch The Office on Netflix. Which can be depressing in its own way, because once I finish watching it, I will have to find some other show to watch for hours at a time to occupy me. I already miss Scrubs. Terribly. I think that would be my ideal life, but I guess that is why it is a sitcom.

Anyway, the restlessness is sitting in and nothing really to do but go on a walk! So walk, here I come.