There are some days that you just have to stare at the wall all day. I’m not really sure why this is a thing that has to happen, but it feels like it could be good for the soul. Now I know what you are thinking, that it helps because you can stare at the wall and think about all of the things going on and sort them out and just get life in order. But no, I don’t mean that at all. I mean just literally stare at the wall and do nothing. Don’t think, don’t try to fix things, don’t try to be creative. Just stare at the wall.

I think I just like to turn my brain off every once in a while. Which is why I am getting increasingly caught up in the world of bad TV sitcoms. For hours at a time I can shut off my brain and just stare into a world that doesn’t exist. And since it isn’t actually on TV, I don’t have to watch commercials, which are, in my opinion, the worst thing ever invented. So yeah, maybe just take a day and do nothing. Get out of your head for a bit and just stare at a wall. You’d be surprised at the astounding revelations that you don’t discover about yourself.

Let’s be honest. In today’s world we spend way too much time analyzing things. Situations, personalities, if low fat can really qualify as no fat in a diet that is scaled down using the logarithmic scale. What? You don’t think about that? Using scales of comparison some numbers can appear to be incredibly close to zero if the scale is large enough. Theoretically you could cut intake so much that compared to your old intake you have practically no intake. The magic of math. I think.

I watched a video on Quantum Mechanics and the Double Slit Experiment yesterday. The implications of this have astounding abilities to blow minds and cause many hours of wasted thought. If you aren’t familiar with the experiment I won’t explain it, because you should do some research on your own. That’s right, self improvement and study is the key to knowledge. The results of the experiment are that electrons, when unobserved, behave drastically different than when they are observed. When unobserved the electrons seem to act out all possible outcomes in the experiment, but when observed, they behave normally, creating the expected result. Much like people.

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