One of the interesting facets of life is the way everything seems to change. I don’t think there is really one thing in my life that I can ever say I rely on as a constant. Nothing is guaranteed in any of our lives. Tomorrow you make wake up and your car won’t start, or you may get a check in the mail, or a bill, or you may not wake up at all. I think this ever changing process of life can be fascinating.

In one month’s time I have faced a change in my personal relationships, my professional life, my educational life, soon my financial life, and so many other things. At times these changes seem to be overwhelming. Some are good, some are bad, some are worse, but in the end it just adds up to the fact that life is never the same. I used to appreciate constants in my life. Not having to worry about things changing was something I wanted to last forever, but alas, that changes as well.

At some point I would think I wouldn’t be okay with some of these changes, that I’d be resistant to them. However, life will change even if we want to or not. I’ve come to accept that the shifting winds blow and that no matter what barriers we put up around ourselves they will eventually get in. I’m not sure why I was so resistant to change when I was younger. As I’ve aged I’ve come to embrace it, well most of it, as it signifies a newness of life. I know I can never go back to the stagnant life I used to lead. I still have problems resisting things, but I like to think I do my best to accept and adapt to life.

Work has gotten increasingly busy, and I am enjoying that, as I have things in my personal life I don’t need to focus on. After spending a weekend working I would have normally not been productive at all on a Monday. However I’ve looked at today as a way to spring into the week. I start classes tomorrow, which will further distract me. The next couple of weeks will be a big adjustment, but I’m looking forward to losing myself in the river of life and letting the currents just push me forward.

The question is, however, are there parts of your life that you are resisting change in? Maybe complacency with the way things are is not the answer. I’ve learned through personal experience that while not all change is welcome, it will always work out in the end. Nothing in my life has ever killed me, though I sometimes thought I might die. The truth is that if you take a step out on that ledge you will get a rush like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t shelter yourself from the world, from the things you are afraid of, challenge them! Life your life boldly, unafraid, and you will have an experience worth telling the world.

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