Describe to me your doubts, and I will paint a picture of reassurance. Give me your words and let me show you the way I see the world through your eyes. You will see beauty unimaginable, the kind that strikes your heart so swiftly that a painful aching accompanies the awe that must surely descend. You will see the vivid flashes of memory that show you to me each time I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. You will look upon the face of the world and see not the things that others see, the drab and dull reality that they must exist in without the sight of you to inspire color.

Show me your hesitation, and I will play the music in which my heart beats in your presence. It is a rhythm that is abundant in the thrill of the moment, a cadence that shows the true nature of a butterfly, drifting in winds of uncertainty. You will hear the comforting murmur of the coolest stream running through the lush forest, the serene sound of happiness that can only be encountered through nature, and hearing your voice. You will be lost in the sway of the sounds, encompassed in what you are, what you feel through your being.

Show me your worries and I will take your hand in mine and you will be enveloped by the  warmth I feel when I touch you. You will be wrapped in coolness that burns with an intensity that the sun would be jealous to posses. The touch alone would drive most men mad, but I am lost in my own delusions of a world in which I can always feel the brush of my fingers against your cheek, the press of my lips against the base of your neck, and the feel of your body pressed against mine firmly.

Whisper to me your anguish, your fear, your anxiety, and I will create a world for us in which these things no longer are a concern. By my own will I will draw together the stars to create the shimmer in your eye, the purest of roses to lay a blush upon your cheek, and the most fragrant of fruits to emulate the smell of your hair. Tell me you will come away with me, and I will push the stones of the mountains together to form the road to our destination.

Look inside yourself and tell me what is really there, not what is reflected by the fear of pain, but what is illuminated by the light of hope, and I will show you a world in which you can live forever in a single second.

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