I have discovered a new little pet peeve, which is awesome, because it proves as I get older I get grumpy, which follows the normal trend! What thing could possibly irritate me, the easiest of easy going? It’s something I noticed on the way to work today. There are several areas I pass through on my way to work that have speed bumps, being a university campus there are a lot of students walking, and speed bumps are a must. I don’t have a problem with the speed bumps, but I do have a problem with a particular type of person who drives over these speed bumps.

The problem I have are the people who own very large trucks, but drive over speed bumps like if they press the gas while their tires are near them they will be ripped to shreds. You have a truck with a massive leaf-spring suspension, shocks capable of holding a half-ton of cargo in the bed of the truck, and you STOP and let the truck idle over the speed bump. Why? Granted, I don’t want you to sail over the speed bump, slowing down is the purpose, but when I, in my car that sits half an inch off the ground, can go five miles an hour over the thing, you should be able to at least handle the thing at ten. Your truck can drive over my car and not feel a single bump, but that little yellow speed bump represents a dangerous flipping area if you aren’t careful. Phoey.

But enough of the grump’n’stuff. It’s my birthday! Woot. I got an early birthday call from my parents who thought my birthday was on the 26th, but it’s cool. 😛 It’s fun to give them a hard time. Birthday plans: going to Savannah to have dinner with Amy. I can’t think of a better idea. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all folks, stay tuned. More at Synaptic Thought.