Dear Campbell’s Co.,

As someone who enjoys soup, in it’s many different varieties, and being a fan of your microwaveable containers, I have come to a conclusion regarding your beef stew. Firstly, I eat your soup because, as stated earlier, I can microwave it at work and I don’t have to pay $8 at a local dining establishment for bread and water. Typically I get the same type of soup, because I know what I like and if I’m only paying $2 for lunch, I can’t really be all that picky. Lately, however, I have decided to branch out and try to be more adventurous in my soup selection. This leads me to the beef stew in question.

Ordinarily, when something says it contains an ingredient, I have good faith that it will do so. However, your beef stew has me questioning your intentions. Upon opening and heating your product I have discovered that you, are in fact, misleading the population to believe that you actually put beef in your beef stew. While the container does state that your product does contain a full serving of vegetables, I believe that the proportions of beef to vegetables may be slightly off. With my best estimation I have concluded that your beef stew contains the following:

One whole carrot.
1/6 of a potato.
7 peas.
3 pieces of beef.
Beef broth.

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Campbell's "Beef" Stew

Considering the above photo, I make a recommendation that you change the name of your “beef” stew, to carrot stew. It will be much less misleading to those of us who expect a little bit of beef in our beef stew.

Thank you, and best regards.

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