It’s when the world is quiet that you want to make the most sound. In the early hours of the morning when all that can be heard is the hum of the world. The silence of the world continuing on when humanity sleeps. Always in the darkness and the noiseless void is the desire to have something, to hear something. It may be the breathing, slow and steady, of a loved one next to you. The rhythmic pulse of their heart beating against the blades of your fingers while they linger over their breast.

The silence could be broken by a softly spoken word. It cannot be too loud, as the silence is something that must be broken gently, with the reverence due a virgin on her wedding night. What that word might say, that is irrelevant. Honestly it is not the spoken language that matters. It is the act, the breath passing over the lips in hushed tones. The sighing voice, simple and loaded, complex and empty.

It could be the sound of a laugh. Not a loud, boisterous laugh, but the repressed giggle and feigned seriousness to ward off further giggle manifestations. A laugh that does not denote humor, but expresses happiness in such a manner that the hearer knows this person cannot help but laugh.

It matters not what the sound is, only that it is made. Only that the silence is interrupted, and for a brief moment it can no longer do its job.

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