The thing about Macs is that if you want to actually get any real work done, you shouldn’t use one. Now this isn’t me bashing a Mac because it can’t do anything. It actually has nothing to do with that at all. It’s me bashing a Mac because they have so many updates, to everything, all the time. In a given week I have to restart the Mac in my office about twice. More if I actually RUN any programs on the thing. Every time I have open Word for Mac on the thing I have had to install an update.

It’s not that updates are bad things, they are very good things. It’s that their design implementation for updates sucks. Tell me why do I need to close all of my applications and restart my computer because iTunes has an update? This piece of software must get an update every time the store adds a new item because it seems like it always needs one. And Safari is the same way!

I know what you are thinking: Why not just ignore the update and continue to work? Because there is this annoying little JUMPY icon in the bottom right of the dock that will continue to hop, skip, and prance it’s way into your attention every four seconds until you click the BLASTED THING. I find the update process to be completely annoying in most systems, so I won’t just harp on the Mac. Have a critical update for Windows XP? Be prepared to be bugged to shut down and restart every FIVE minutes. Windows 7 got rid of that feature, now your computer just restarts without asking you. Because of this I’ve scheduled my updates to run at about 3 in the morning, expect now I randomly wake up to several computers rebooting and making a start-up noise.

Computers are just not cooperating with me today. Oh, look, the update on the Mac is done so I can now go back to what I was doing before.

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