After a very long couple of weeks working on the Banking Symposium, in which I learned more about banking ratios than I ever thought was possible, the COBA poll is right on the horizon.

One might ask what this poll is, and they would be astute and well lauded for doing so. Occasionally in the business of research we use real data instead of making stuff up in the back office. Now, I tend to prefer the made up data approach because it’s much more interesting. *As a side note, did you know that only 89% of people are breathing? It’s true, according to my research. The COBA poll is our bi-annual attempt to collect data for a couple of reports that we produce every year. It is conducted once in the fall semester, and once in the spring semester. The fall survey focus on spending for holidays, while the spring semester is a consumer confidence survey.

What this really means is a very long day for the folks around the office. We typically bring in about 30 students a night and have them man phones between the hours of 6 and 9. It’s actually very good experience for them because these are senior level marketing students who are getting to dip their fingers into the inky goodness of phone surveys. The month of March is just flying by with all the stuff we have had to do, and I’m pretty excited because normally I sit in my office and plot on how to take over the world. While that is fun, it’s pretty tedious as I have to figure out jobs for everyone in the world.

This year we are expanding the survey to be statewide! So, if you are living in the state of Georgia and get a phone call between the above hours from a Georgia Southern University student, you better answer or I’ll track you down and poke you with a staple.

Also, fill out your census forms, I depend on that data for a job (in a round about way). Census information fuels nationwide demographics for the next TEN years so it’s very important. Plus, if you don’t mail that piece of paper back you are going from costing the country about 90 cents to process your census data to about $63. That’s taxpayer money you’re blowing there, and I’d much rather them spend it on ME! 😛

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