The alarm went off this morning, as is it’s usual custom at 7:30. The piercing beep breaks through even the most realistic of dreams and my first response is panic, I am normally up and out of bed, hitting the button to turn it off before three beeps have called out. Every morning, I fall back into bed, finding sanctuary from the coolness of my room in the warm burrow of covers I just left. The first few moments of my morning are spent struggling with all the thoughts and memories that come vividly back to me. My subconscious tends to attack when I am weakest, reminding me of things I usually don’t want to think about. On some mornings when I wake I am greeted by a gray tinge, and the sounds of falling water just a few inches away from me through the window above my head.

Today was one of those days. The sounds of rain falling from above, the splish-splash of people walking through puddles, and swoosh of cars flinging water from under the tires. I laid in bed a little bit longer today, just listening to the sounds, enjoying the soothing comfort of the way rain shushes the world, gives you a peaceful serenade of sleep. Rain always tends to make me contemplative about my current situations and surroundings. So as I lay in bed, waiting just a brief pause before I start my day, I thought about my life and the things going on in it.

I realized that I’m pretty content with the way things are, and they seem to be getting better. It is that kind of thought, early in the morning, that makes your day start well. So I threw off the warm blankets, sat up, and began my day. After showering and shaving (well, my version of it), I dressed in the pale light of morning, practical darkness. Lights are a waste in the morning, they ruin the softness of the day.

My goal of getting out of bed accomplished, I went downstairs, opened the doorway that leads to the world and stood for a moment. The gray of the morning cast by the perpetual dripping of water from the sky gave everything that slight tinge of remorse of being awake. Admittedly, I was slightly remorseful for being awake. These are the days that are best spent cuddling in bed with that certain someone, having breakfast in bed, and enjoying conversations while staring at the ceiling. With that thought, I walked out into the rain.

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