First off, it’s Friday! A much needed weekend approaches, and I’m ready to be lazy (if only that were the case). I’ve always treated Fridays as a somewhat relaxed day. I try not to schedule meetings for work on Fridays, I try to wear jeans and a t-shirt, and just be relaxed and have a kind of fun day. I couldn’t wear jeans today though, because I forgot them in the laundry basket when I pulled them out of the dryer earlier this week and now they are a smidge wrinkled. I might need to buy an iron and an ironing board sometime soon.

I have big aspirations this weekend, but I’m not sure they will get completed. I really must get my motorcycle running this weekend. The cool weather is just calling out to me and I haven’t ridden in over a year. I feel bad about it because I bought it, and it ended up sitting there without being used for so long. I have to repair a dead battery, flat tire, and some rubber mounts have dry-rotted. Makes me sad to see it wasting away like that. I figure for a couple hundred dollars I can get her pristine and beautiful again. Will be my goal over the winter, it will give me something to work on. That is the one thing I really don’t like about living in an apartment (ok, there are several, but that’s another subject). I really miss having an area I can go to work on stuff like my car or motorcycle. When I get a real job and start making money, have a house and all that fancy stuff, I think I’m going to build a working garage for me to tinker in.

Anyway, I think I’m calling it early today and leaving work early so I can get some stuff around town done, then go home and clean! I’m in an energetic mood. It could have something to do with the double shot caramel macchiato that I just had. I’ve got the techno music going, and I really want to turn it up louder, but I am pretty sure the people in my office would wonder what is going on. These are the days I hate being trapped in an office and sitting in front of a computer. It is so nice outside, I just want to get in the car, put the top down, crank the radio and drive. Not that I have any place to go, but just go for a drive.

Anyway, I have company this weekend, well, for tonight and tomorrow at least. Should prove to be fun. I was going to add in some extra stuff about how awesome it is that things seem to be looking up in my life, but I think that would require more concentration that what I have right now. So, instead I’m gonna run away. I’ll see you guys on the flip side!

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