I’ve been running some maintenance on the site, looking at different things that need work, or have to get done. The list is pretty long, but one thing I had to take care of that I didn’t realize was broken was the CAPTCHA settings for making comments or sending me information via the contact page.

That has been fixed, so I apologize to anybody who tried to use the contact form and couldn’t find the image to type into the box.

I’ve got some exciting (to me) stuff coming soon, hopefully some video hosting is going to happen soon, and more image galleries are set to go up. I’ve got a couple of side projects that I am planning on starting soon (hoepfully), but I won’t reveal those until they get started so I don’t feel like a dork if they don’t ever take off. At some point I imagine there will be a site re-design coming. I can never be satisfied with the way things are, and right now the current page showcases some things that I am just not sure I’m going to be doing anymore.

Anywho, tons of stuff to do, no time to do it in!

As always, check out more of my rambling at Synaptic Thought.
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