Work (and personal) life have been crazy over the last week. I won’t get into personal matters, just know I’ve been out of it. Work life has been crazy because all of the shenanigans caused by people messing with our hosting account finally caught up with us. We decided to move all of our websites to new hosting and start fresh. Needless to say that about tripled my workload, and I spent a good deal of the weekend working on that. It’s currently Tuesday, not completely done, but we have made leaps and bounds as far as progress is concerned.

Despite my crazy schedule I’ve been forcing myself to finish reading the novel I started what seems like months ago (it’s only been a week, but time has stretched over the last few days). I finished last night at about 2:00 AM, way past what I wanted to read, but the last 100 pages were there, and they were begging to be finished. Lisey’s Story is the book, and it is written by Stephen King, so I was expecting some scary stuff after the last novel of his I read. However, I didn’t find the novel very scary at all, it had more of an insightful feel to it.

I really enjoy books that make me think, rather it’s about a problem the character is facing, or if it’s a life lesson that should be learned by everyone. The main reason I read is for that escape from reality, to get lost in another world and for however many hours, live alongside someone who else. I find I really enjoy Stephen King’s work because he is very immersing in his writing, it is very easy to lose yourself in the pages of the story. Other books I have read often seem shallow, and I find myself drifting back to reality, thinking about my own life and realizing after a few pages that I’ve been reading, but haven’t been paying attention.

Reading a book as good as this also inspires me to work on my own. Anyone who has spoken to me about it knows that I have one or two, maybe three, ideas constantly rumbling around in my head, but one has taken on more shape than the others. I lack the motivation (read as confidence) to really dedicate myself to writing the story. I’m very critical of my own work, and have often re-written the first part of the story. For a few years there actually existed two versions, both with the same goal, but written completely different. About two years ago I stuck with one and deleted the other.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish writing, or if it will get published, or if it will get read if it is published, but it has always been a lifelong dream to have something of mine printed. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to sit down and really work it out. Until that day I’ll just continue to lose myself in the worlds of other, more accomplished authors.