In every one’s life we come across times in which we are helpless to communicate the things we really wish we could say. Sometimes this leads simply to a missed smile, or an opportunity to make a friend laugh. At other times, the things we do not say can directly affect the rest of our lives. It occurs to me as I write this that the road we are on in life is influenced by a great deal of chance.

My own life would be much different, I assume, had perhaps one or two things been different when I was in high school. My life now would be different had I done something slightly different in college, and so on and so forth. But at times I think I fail to realize the magnitude of how important daily decisions can be. What we do, or fail to do, each day affects the rest of our lives. The part that is hard to grasp is how do you go through each day, making the decisions that we make, without knowing what could happen?

What if, on the day I was in the motorcycle wreck I decided I didn’t need a helmet that day? What if I had never been so depressed five years ago that I felt like giving up on everything? Sure, there could be multiple outcomes to any scenario, and I am not advocating for regretting decisions made in the past, but I am saying that perhaps we, and especially I, should be more aware of how each day can affect the rest of our lives.

Reality can be a bleak, scary thing, if we let it get a grasp on us and we do not handle it well. I learn a new lesson every day from the mistakes I make, and I assure you I make several each day. The hardest part of learning from those mistakes is dealing with the thought that I should have done something differently. For some mistakes it isn’t such a big deal. Like parking next to a car that is really close to the line, why do I do it? Because the space is really good! So what if I have to squeeze out of my car.

Other mistakes, however, have a heavy toll that keep me burdened for a while. In the end, there is nothing that can be done about either, but to accept that what has happened has, in fact, happened. Moving on is never an easy task, and today I’m here to say that right now, I don’t want to move on. I want to salvage what I can from my last mistake, and try my best to make things work out.

Some things are just worth fighting for.

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