It has been some time since the call of the keyboard has come to me, whispering softly under the tumultuous echoes that make up my life. I blame several things for my lack of interest in writing, chiefly among those was the lack of motivation to have my voice be heard. Some days the desire of man is to be recognized above his peers, to be sought after for intelligence and receive accolades from his superiors. However, at times man must shelter himself from the view of the world in an effort to define himself and to understand what his thoughts might mean, both for himself and for those around him.

I would like to think that it isn’t often that I am caught off guard, though it may happen more than I care to admit. As an aside, I always find it interesting how man will elevate his own status in his mind, and lower that of others as to prove to himself that his existence is not only valid, but meaningful. Most of this last week I have been caught off guard, simply by a touch. At times it is easy to forget how..monumental a simple brushing of the hand can be. It is the breaker of walls, the long satisfied sigh in the depths of the night, the motivator of souls.

I refuse to conjecture as to what this means, simply because I want to enjoy the moment. Something I have learned in my (as some of my younger friends would say) long years in this world is that moments of true enjoyment don’t happen as often as we deserve. So remember to smile at the world when it gives you something to smile about, and take the time to actually live your life to the fullest. Whatever happens, live with no regrets, and forge ahead each new day, as if you were writing a chapter in the story of your life!

Oh, and thanks for bringing me cookies! šŸ˜›

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