In a legislative move Congress has decided to initiate a ban on trucks larger than parking spaces. Results to the bill seem positive, as almost everyone in this country seems to have been slighted in some way to find a truck parked next to their vehicle so large that it is impossible to open the door to get into the car. While it was decided that this may be a function of bad parking skills, it is mostly due to the fact that these vehicles are too big for most spaces. The annoyance factor continues when it is discovered that only one person is driving in said vehicle, large enough to accommodate eight passengers.

The ban is expected to pass by a majority vote, and will go into affect soon. Offenders will follow a three stage process. First offense will be ticketed for abuse of parking spaces. Second offense will result in towing the vehicle and a fine. The third offense will result in the vehicle being crushed into a small block of metal and left for the owner to find.