Last night was one of those “strange dream” nights. I was having very, very vivid dreams and it was pretty annoying. Normally vivid dreams are a great thing, I like being so immersed in my dreams that I don’t realize they aren’t reality. I view it as sort of entertainment while I sleep. It’s like a good movie, you like the fact that you get so caught up in it that you don’t realize it’s been three hours since you started watching it. One of those “it’s over already?” moments.

Last night, however, the vividity of my dreams was annoying in the fact that it kept waking me up. Why? Because my dreams were about me laying in my bed getting text messages. I normally try to keep my phone by my bed so in case something important happens and people want to get in contact with me, I am right there. That relates back to my, if you are my friend you can call me a 4 in the morning to talk about anything rule. I had a brief conversation last night by text message before I went to sleep, but I guess in my mind it continued on. So in my dream I would hear that I got a text message, so I would wake up for real, and check my phone, and be surprised that there were no text messages. I’d realize I dreamed it, go back to sleep, then dream it again, etc. This happened about five times.

The worst part of the night is that after the text message dreams I went back into immersive dream mode but had dreams about being asleep in a house that was haunted. After waking up because I was being strangled by a ghost for the fourth time that night I decided sitting up and not going back to sleep for a while was a good idea. I don’t normally have bad dreams that frighten me, I’m typically in enough control of my senses to realize that it was just a dream and that I can will it to go away. That makes it even worse, though, when I do have dreams that scare me. Especially when they are so very immersive that I wake up and think they really happened.

Anyway, perhaps tonight I’ll be able to sleep without hearing text messages every twenty minutes when they don’t really happen!