We all knew the day would come when you could open a Google search window and type in “where are my keys?” and a map of your house would appear with step by step directions of how to get to them. The day is soon approaching, as Google is taking a step toward the omnipresent search god. Soon ads will be more tailored to you based not only on your present search results, but your past ones as well. Google is touting the service as interest-based advertising. Using your past search history, page browsing history, and current search results they will provide ads based on things that you like.

This is a great opportunity for other services based on interest. Since our browsing history is going to be used we can find counseling for all of those fetish sites we go to, perhaps shopper’s therapy for Internet spenders, and maybe even aversion therapy for social networking syndrome. This could be the wave of the future, we will fix you without you even wanting it. In an effort to make this happen though cameras will be installed on every computer and you will be watched all hours of the day to be sure you aren’t cheating on your forced counsel. Just remember, Google is watching.