Reports are coming in that while the economy seems to continue on its downward trend, a few industries are seeing a rise in activity. Those industries? The vices of a country seeking distraction. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it seems when our country is stressed the most, it breaks out the good bad stuff. You can expect to see increases in tobacco usage, alcohol consumption, and shuffleboard playing. You were thinking of other vices, weren’t you? See, even the readers of this blog have slipped into the comfortable grasp of economically induced badness.

Why is it we seek comfort in those naughty things? Most people would argue that we get comfort from them most days anyway, but in times of stress we look for diversions and distractions to break our focus from reality. So as the national, and even global, economy continues on that downward trend toward nothingness, you can remember a phrase and use it without fear of reproach: “The economy made me do it.”