In 1734 the Russians took Danzig (Gdansk) in Poland. I don’t think this is very possible, everyone knows that Danzig wasn’t formed until 1987, and they were from Jersey, not Poland. I think somebody is getting a little uppity and claiming they have discovered great names 253 years before they actually existed. Rather disappointed in you, Russia. And I can see you from Alaska. That’s right, we are watching.

In 1858  Albert Potts was awarded a patent for the letter box. That’s right, there’s a patent for your mailbox. So all you people who are building your own mailboxes out there, you know, the spiffy ones with the little designs and all that jazz, you knock that off! (I am, of course, ignoring the idea that patents expire 20 years after filing, but it wouldn’t be funny if I pointed that out. Crap, I just pointed it out.)

In 1929  Eric Krenz became the first athlete to toss the discus over 160 feet. His dog was quite upset at the feat, apparently Eric had gotten the idea to throw a Frisbee to build up strength, and his dog was the one who had to fetch.

In 1995 the Canadian Navy arrested a Spanish trawler for illegally fishing off of Newfoundland. A Canadian representative was quoted as saying “Our fish! OURS! Go getcha own fish. What’s this aboot? Tryin’ to take our fish.”