Recent studies have shown that eating certain foods can be bad for your health. The study started by analyzing the different effects foods can have on the body. Immediately discovered was the fact that eating rocks, while high in minerals, is bad for the teeth and could cause digestive complications. Similar tests found that glass has the same side affects, and may cause bleeding of the gums.

The study also deemed that Mexican food, while quite tasty, may cause your friends to hate you. No direct correlations can be found as to why this is, but ongoing studies are planned to determine if this could be a reaction to cultural trends. The study found that all foods create waste byproducts that the body cannot use, and therefore must dispose of. That leads me to the question, what is being put in our food to cause this side affect? General concern must be had for our well being and public saftey! Don’t let yourself be trapped, stop eating now to avoid serious consequences to your body!