Dreams are something that amaze me, but they can also be so irritating at the same time. I understand where the human drive is to “follow your dreams” because they tend to be the bridge between what our conscious mind doesn’t know and what our unconscious mind does. Our dreams reveal desires that sometimes we did not know existed, or that we had hidden from ourselves because we thought they were unattainable. At the same time, they also bring the truth of who we are to light, as our behavior in our dreams tends to be driven by the parts of our brain we don’t actually control.

What irritates me about dreams are they have the ability to be so realistic to us at the time we have them that we don’t realize that what is happening in our dream actually isn’t happening. There have been many instances in which when I wake up, that moment of confusion in which I am very happy about what has happened, then slowly it dawns on me that it didn’t actually happen, it was just a dream. These are the ones that drive me crazy, because usually it’s something I’ve been thinking about regularly, or something that has been on my mind. That moment of freedom in which we can do what we actually have wanted to for the last few days or weeks or months and everything working out the way we wished it was is so nice, until you realized you didn’t have it. It can make things even more confusing because it makes you really wish it would happen even more, despite the fact that you think it won’t.

I’m not sure what is going on with my dreams lately, I’ve had some very strange ones, and I’ve had some that just taunt me, and then there are the nights I can’t remember my dreams. I’ve done some reading regarding lucid dreaming and dream recollection and I think I may try to try some of these things. I’m not exactly interested in lucid dreaming, being able to control my dreams seems counterproductive to me, I want my thoughts to go where they normally would, I just want to be able to remember details about what happened and try to use those to get insight into what my subconscious, or my conscious thoughts that I force down, is doing. Admittedly, even though it can be disappointing when you wake up, having that time in which things can be just the way they aren’t is nice.