So, I was a naughty puppy this weekend. As a reward for me being me I bought a new video game. I went only to spend about twenty bucks, but I saw a used copy of Assassin’s Creed. Fifty bucks later I have a spiffy new video game. Jeeze 360 games are expensive…but wowzah! I am pretty proud of myself though, typically I get so engrossed in a new video game that I really don’t ever do anything but play it until I beat it. This weekend, however, I managed to do laundry…no small feat for me, rearrange my room (yet again, and for the last time cause I’ve exhausted all possible arrangements), and other sundry items that I really don’t feel like typing about.

As I type I am waiting for the dryer to finish the last load. I always end up having to stay up for that last little bit and it is sooooo boring cause it’s always late and the thing seems like it is taking forever. Doesn’t help that our dryer stinks and doesn’t warm up very well. Maybe if I use the oven it’ll get done faster 😛 It’s hot in my room, maybe I should just move them in here and the heat will suck all the moisture out. I want to turn on the AC, but it’s bearable and it’ll cool off later in the night. I’m trying to be thrifty with that thing cause it runs the power bill up soooo much. It’s funny how you don’t think about stuff like that until you actually have to pay the bills. Summer’s gonna stink, the bill is gonna go up like double. Guess it doesn’t help that I spend extra money on video games, hehe.

You should know that I’m just typing to type now, and that really nothing I say is of consequence. I really like the sound of my laptop’s keyboard when I type, it sounds all clicky. Doo dahh. What the duce? I shall prevail!


Goodbye. :/