So, it’s about time for another update. Where to start…things are going good at work, fast and furious. We are rearranging the office this week because we have a couple of new hires and they need desk space in the main area. Doesn’t mean much for me except I gotta move some stuff and I get a new desk, yay! I have entirely too much computer stuff and not enough real estate to lay it on. I’m already having to plan my schedule weeks, and months, in advance. I get to go to D.C. in March, which really isn’t that far away, for a conference, then the month after that I go to Orlando (Maybe, haven’t decided if I want to go yet). It’s cool, I get to travel and the office pays for it, well, I pay for it then they pay me back. I always wanted a job where I got to travel around so that little dream is coming true. I just hope they don’t take very long to reimburse…I’m still waiting on the check for the mileage when I had to go to Waycross. Funny part about that, I don’t own the car they are paying mileage for anymore! Yay! I got a new car. Well, not totally new, but new to me. Hrm…anything else going on? Christmas is around the corner…I get a week off for that, but other than that, not much is going on. World of Warcraft owns me. Farewell!