Ok, so…since the last post, what has happened. Oh, well, I got a phone call from the BBRED, telling me that they wanted me for the job! YAY! They wanted me to come in on Thursday, the 16th, and discuss salary (that’s a neat word) and things I would have to do to get started. New set of worries arises. Eek! What if they want me to work for $5.50 an hour (BPC SLAVE WAGES!) to do an enormous job that is really worth more? Hrm…tiny money is better than no money, but I gots rent to pay, massa. Well, I decide I’ll take the job no matter what they offer, and I still have my app in for the other position. I go to the meeting, and discover a couple of things. Firstly, the position I am being hired for does not exist. EEK! But, they have this thing called Casual Laborer, where they can hire anybody they want to, for any job they want to, and the school doesn’t ask many questions. Spiffy…but Casual Laborer sounds very…shall we say, tiny, on the payscale. It’s ok, though, because as soon as the position becomes available, they will “transfer” me into it. Neat-o. Then, she tells me what I’ll be making. Yowzah. Now I realize college graduates can make a lot of money right out the door, I’m not making a fortune, that is for sure, but let me put it this way…I make about 8 grand a year (starting pay, mind you) than my Dad currently does, after 25  years of teaching, and two Master’s degrees in education. Sigh of relief. The job is going to be hard, I’m going to be working with technology I have no idea what it is, and will have to learn on my own. I will have to manage a database of over 17 million entries, and it will be my baby to manage. I will eventually have to manage a web development team (from what I understand). The kicker is, once I get the full position, I can apply for tuition waiver and get my masters for free…yay!

I want to thank all the people for their prayers, I know you guys have been supporting me in them, and I really appeciate it…the last couple of weeks have been stressful because I didn’t quite know how to make ends meet, and wasn’t sure really if I was going to make it, but things worked out. Anywho, gotta do some research on 52 inch tv’s. MUAHAHAH