Ok…so I haven’t been able to update in a while due to my lack of time and a computer connected to the internet in my apartment. Lemme give you a quick update of what is going on, most of it has been over the last few months, but a great deal has happened over the last couple of days.

First off, the job that I applied for in the tech department still has not opened up for intervews! My GOSH, it’s been over a month now! They are still screening applicants, it seems like half of Georgia applied for the position. Because of this, I was really starting to wonder if I would ever find a good job, especially with the bills starting to pile up. I was getting a bit depressed about the whole thing, so I have been spending a lot of time in Hinesville with someone I met. Well, this week I recently came back, to find out some even better news (sarcastically spoken). I went to go register for my classes, and they are all full. Uh oh…and the MBA program that I am enrolled under requires a specific class for me to take at the very beginning, and if I don’t, I can’t take any classes…so I’m not going to school this semester! Yay! Just want I needed, more good news. I was feeling a little strained though, and was on the verge of saying I needed a semester off anyway, but now I get one even if I don’t really need it. On that same day, I get a phone call from the Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development (Big Name, eh?) saying they heard that I was looking for employment, and asked if I could drop off a resume and schedule an interview. A light at the end of the dark tunnel that my life was slowly fading to! Of course, I go to print out said resume, and I find my printer is out of ink. I go get ink, go to print, and I am out of paper! DRAT! So, I can’t turn in my resume. I decide to go to Wal-Mart again, get paper, and turn it in the next day, Friday. Well, I turn it in first thing, and the director asks me what I am doing in 30 minutes. I say nothing, she says great, come back and we’ll interview then! ACK! So I scramble to get my stuff together, go back and interview, and they are asking questions that are blowing me out of the water! I mean cutting edge technology, things I have no idea what they are about, or for, and they are poking and prodding me and I come up blank. So, I leave, and I feel like crap, because I did so horrible on this interview. I head to Hinesville right away because she is going to visit her family in Flordia soon and will be gone for a long while. While I am there, I get a voicemail from BBRED saying they are VERY interested in me, they have one other person to look at, and they will have to decide by Wednesday, so don’t make any decisions or take any positions before Wednesday. WHAT?!?!?! HOW?! I was so shocked, I busted out laughing, and now I am typing this, cause it is just toooooooooo ironic how that situation worked out. Anyway, my fingers hurt and I am little giddy, so I’ll go, make a post later.