Why do blue pens exist? No, this is not a hypothetical question, it isn’t mean to transition into some cool little point. I just wonder why blue pens exist. Most official documents require that you write in black ink, black in looks more important. Blue just looks…blue. I think I actually hate blue pens. To me, they seem to breed discourse in the world of the orderly. And anytime you are looking through a jar of pens to find a black pen, you always get a blue one. What the crap is with that? Are blue pens just so starved for attention that they try to find their way to you. Perhaps it is because when people steal your pens, they steal the black ones, and leave the blue ones, cause nobody wants the BLOODY BLUE PEN.

I think I may be under a little bit of stress. I am so exhausted. Not physically, I am tired in body, trust me, but my mind is so drained. After so many hours, my eyes decide to quit focusing, I begin to drag. I keep telling myself I need to do something else, but there isn’t anything else to do. My life has become about graduating, getting that next thing done, moving on to that next phase, completing that last step, that I am truly beginning to not care. I need something fresh, something new in my life, some kind of distraction, or I do believe I am going to bash something important into a million pieces.

Bleh, tired of writing, that’s all I do anymore.