So, it’s my routine every semester it seems to have a list, and I mean a list of things to get done before the end of the semester. Well ladies and gentlemen, this is the very last list for undergraduate work:

Principles of Marketing – DONE. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH

Professional Ethics –  One presentation (Five minutes), nine case studies (2 Pages Each), and one paper …(Eight pages, ick).

Strategic Management – One case study (Hah!), one srategic plan (ACK! I need about 20 more pages!)

Networking and Telecom – One networking plan, three discussion board posts

Foundations of Physical Fitness – One fitness plan

It’s really not that bad of a list, and see, I already have one class completely done (minus the final). I’m in good shape, and people call me a slacker. Well, enough procrastinating, time to hit it.