As a college freshman, graduation is a word that is held in little esteem, simply because it seems like it will never come. As a student, we slowly advance through the years, each credit hour bringing us closer to that day when we look back and realize that our time is over. We may have, in our career as a student, seen friends who were attending college before us graduate, and move on, but the reality of the situation is never really evident until you are faced with it yourself. That is why I am writing this to those who are graduating soon, anyone else really wouldn’t understand, because you may leave, but for the time being, you have to come back. The college environment is meant for the spread of ideas, the expansion of the mind, the growth of a human, but most people do not realize the side affects of being in a place with familiar people for four years. Graduation can be the happiest, and the saddest, day for most. It means a new step on the road of life. It means leaving those we love behind. In my life that seems to have been the theme. I left behind friends after high school, some I have never seen again. I’ve left two colleges, an entire state, a way of life. Nothing hurts more than goodbye, because it feels as if we are not only leaving our friends, but we are leaving possiblity, we are leaving hope. We are also on the horizon of a new life, one that for most people is as unsure as that first day in college. What message do I give to those staying behind in our absence? Never take for granted a single person in your life, because one day they will have to leave, and no matter what you think about seeing them again, nothing is sure. Treasure the moments that you have, remember that each day you have is only one of a few. One day you will be here, and you will be contemplating what to say to those people that you care about when you realize that May 12th could be the last time you ever see them.

On a personal note, even though I live in Vidalia, I’m not sure if I will be around. I’ve been accepted into the MBA program at Georgia Southern, and the future is pretty unsure as to where I’ll be. Me, it doesn’t bother as much. I’ve learned to deal with leaving, and being left behind. And truthfully, I’m not really around enough to be missed by anyone, but just remember that if you have friends that are going to graduate soon, if you see them looking around with a sad expression, it is because they are mentally saying goodbye. Even though everyone is busy, take a moment to hug them, or whatever it is you do, because these last moments are the ones treasured most.