It is amazing how when you are really trying to forget something, it’s always there staring you in the face. Then one day, you get reminded and realize it has been forever since you thought about it. I’m waiting for that one day, but sometimes it is so difficult. I am not sure that any amount of anything that I try to do is going to work, and I am slowly getting weary. Because of this I wonder if I am someone who holds on to things way too much. I mean, I keep stuff I doubt I’ll ever use again, and things like that, but what about mentally? I always joke with people and say it’s my personal mission to know everything, but part of that is true. Knowledge and intelligence are the only thing I have, so I sometimes tend to overachive in “knowing” things. Am I really hurting myself more by not forgetting? Perhaps what I percive as a strength is making me weak…does that make my perception wrong…and in turn make me wrong? Maybe I over analyze things, maybe the advice I always give to other people really is the only thing I need…time.