So, I managed to get the windshield on the bike fixed, and the weather is warm, so we all know what that means, right? Of course, say goodbye to my car, cause it won’t be seen too much anymore. That is, of course, unless I don’t get run over on the thing. I was riding to chapel this morning, and going to park in my usual spot behind the library, when someone from the Ridge was pulling out. They obviously didn’t see me at first, cause they car lunged forward, then they hit the brakes. It was an honest mistake, and could have easily been made if I were in a car, but when you are on a bike things tend to be a little more serious, so I was pretty agitated.

I’ve yet to hear back from the second place I interviewed with at Southern. All I know is the position is still open. Makes me feel kinda bleh, cause I am thinking that they aren’t going to hire me, else they would have by now. Who knows? I sure don’t. That’s all that is going on in my life that I care to type about right now.