It’s funny how God works sometimes. I’ve had some stuff on my mind lately (Like I don’t always seem to have stuff on my mind), and it has been bugging me pretty bad and I haven’t been sure what to really do about it. Well, just a couple of minutes ago I was walking to and back from the post office and I had my iPod just randomly shuffling songs out of my music collection. The first song plays on the way there, and I am just somewhat listening, but mostly I am bouncing this problem off the inside of my skull, you know, really trying to figure out what I should do. I get to the post office, check the mail, and come back, and another song starts to play. The crazy thing is that this song talks about the exact same thing that the other song was, and uses the exact same terminology. In fact, the song titles are almost exactly the same, but different groups. Now, I have about 3200 songs on my iPod, and I I actually made a pretty good grade in statistics and quantitative analysis, so let me break this down for you. The percent chance of the songs playing is roughly about .03125%. This is a mutually exclusive random slection, meaning that once a song has been played, it is put out of the loop indefinitally until all the other songs have had a chance to play. With that in mind, the selection percentage for the second song playing is about .03031%. Now, all that stuff sounds pretty moot, cause ok, it’s random, anything could happen, the songs got selected, but the percentage of the songs playing one after the other is .000009471875%. That’s a pretty dinky number. A very tiny, small, super small number. Now, most people would see that as just the luck of the draw, but I see it as God trying to speak to me.

He knew I had a problem, knew it was bugging me, and knew what I needed to see for me to understand that I shouldn’t be worrying about it. The question is, how many times a day does this happen, and how many times do we ignore it? And then again, being human, I realized the message, but still want to think the way I was thinking before.  I guess the moral of the story is that God does provide, we just have to be willing to look sometimes to see it.